Nadapuram located in the north-eastern part of Kozhikode district is a famous historic place. Upholding the tight and strong social, cultural and religious values, Nadapuram has contributed immensely to the economic affairs of the state. This region witnessed an enormous growth in every field except in the field of higher education. This has caused our younger generation to search for an opportunity out side Nadapuram in pursuit of higher education.

Knowledge is power and this power has dictated the progress of person, society and country. Depriving the ‘the right of knowledge’ to the desired one is a serious offence. And a lack of an organized body, imparting quality education is also like depriving the right of a society. Seeing this plight in Nadapuram, a group of enthusiastic united together and formed an august body called Muslim Education Trust (MET) with its sole purpose to improve the standards of education.

Under MET, we strive to impart high quality formal education with an in-depth industrial outlook by assimilating all state-of-the-art-technology, quality faculty and new method of imparting education through personalized touch.